accueil jardins de l'anjou

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cap france

Les Jardins de l'Anjou is registered with the Cap France Village Vacances tourism network.

city trucks



Les Jardins de l'Anjou: partner of The city Trucks festival


Les Jardins de l'Anjou works alongside the Montjean s/Loire tourism office to ensure you the best possible experience.


Les Jardins de l'Anjou works closely with the Angers Loire Tourism Office to provide you with a wide range of activities to enjoy during your stay.


The Loire river is just a stone's throw from the grounds of Les Jardins de l'Anjou. Our venue is also a partner of the "La Loire à Vélo" cycling route.

groupe a vélo

Les Jardins de l'Anjou is partnered with the Group'AVélo, a network of accommodation sites carrying the Accueil Vélo ('Bikes Welcome') label, hosting groups of cycling enthusiasts numbering from 10 to 80 people, as they travel various local routes, including the Loire à Vélo, Vélodyssée, Vélo Francette...


Les Jardins de l'Anjou accepts ANCV Vacation Cheques for senior citizen vacations.


Les Jardins de l'Anjou: partners of the UFAB49

Union Féminine Angers Basket 49
330, rue St Léonard - 49000 ANGERS


Located just an hour and 15 minutes from Puy du Fou by bus, Les Jardins de l'Anjou invites you to explore this beautiful nature park!


Journey through vineyards and valleys on this miniature train, stopping off at a winery for a chance to sample some local Anjou wines in Chalonnes sur Loire.


Les Jardins de l'Anjou is located near the Château de Serrant in Saint Georges sur Loire

la dube

Les Jardins de l'Anjou invites your to explore Sainte-Christine open farm and its corn maze.

musée des métiers

Come and explore the Museum of Traditional Crafts, located near the Jardins de l'Anjour in Saint Lurent de la Plaine.


Les Jardins de l'Anjou is a partner of the Fédération Française du milieu montagnard. Founded in 1978, this federation combines a number of winter sports with a strong sense of team spirit.


Stays at Les Jardins de l'Anjou are also included in Dakota Box gift sets


Les Jardins de l'Anjou is partnered with Smartbox gift boxes: idée cadeaux, gift ideas include 1 or 2 night stays at our resort.


Find Jardins de l'Anjou gift cards in Wonderbox gift packages.



Les Jardins de l'Anjou: partner of Chouette Nature. 




Les Jardins de l'Anjou: partner of the Cholet football club.


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